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Doorstops Buster+Punch

Design doorstops with an industrial look from Buster+Punch
Product type
Doorstop / wall / black
Doorstop / floor / black
Doorstop /wall/ brass
Doorstop / floor / /brass
Doorstop /wall/ stainless steel
Doorstop / wall / smoked bronze
Doorstop / floor / smoked bronze
Doorstop / floor / stainless steel

Doorstops Buster+Punch

Protect your doors with these Design doorstops from Buster+Punch. These doorstops are available as a separate floor doorstop or as a wall doorstop.

With these doorstops from Buster+Punch, you can protect doors and walls in style from now on!

You can perfectly combine them with the door handles, door handles, pull bars and light switches with the same beautiful cross-cut motif from Buster+Punch.