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Double cylinders

A double cylinder applies to most doors and is divided into 2 parts
Lock type
BOLD smart cylinder SX33 - 30/30 to 35/45
AGB knob cylinder safety stainless steel look SKG **
DOM security cylinder Plura SKG ***
DOM security knob cylinder Sigma Plus
AGB cylinder safety stainless steel look SKG **
DOM standard stock cylinder K1
DOM security cylinder Sigma Plus

Double cylinders

A double cylinder consists of 2 sizes and is different for each door.

It is best to measure a double cylinder as follows. If you remove the cylinder from your door (by loosening the screw on the side of your door) and place the cylinder on the table, you will see the screw hole on the side with which you secure the cylinder.

From this screw hole with you to each end of the cylinder. The double cylinder starts at 30/30 and can be extended by 5mm to each side. Pay close attention to the length of the knob side of a knob cylinder.

Do you have several cylinders and do you want to open them with the same key? Then choose the function immediately closing.

Would you like to determine who has access to which space? Then inquire about our locking plans!

With a locking plan you determine which cylinder can be opened with which key. Think of companies, b & b's, hotels, ...

For example: The tenant of room 5 can operate the front door with his key and also the door of room 5, but no other rooms.