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Brass window handles

Window handles made of brass or brass tumbled for a more classic look
Product type
Hoppe window handle Los Angeles brass
Window handle Kubic 16mm matt copper
Window handle Aldagonda Copper
Intersteel Window handle T-model brass tumbled
Window handle Cosmic matte copper
Intersteel Window handle Emily brass lacquered PVD
Intersteel Window closure left Dudok brass lacquered
Hoppe window handle Dallas brass
Intersteel Window closure Ton 400 lockable right brass tumbled / ebony
Copper window handle Petra not varnished
Intersteel Window closure right Dudok brass lacquered
Intersteel Window stay with adjusting pin brass lacquered
Intersteel Window closure Ton 400 lockable left brass tumbled / ebony
Intersteel Window handle L-model brass tumbled
Window handle Olive DK Copper
Olivari window handle Tecno lockable brass matt titanium PVD

Brass window handles

Brass is very popular again at the moment. Here you will find our brass window handles. Of course we have several brass window handles, but these are provided with a coating. This can be found in the other colors such as black, white,...

In this color we have only added window handles that still have the real brass color. This can be a brushed finish but also window handles with a tumbled brass finish. Due to the drumming, the window handles all get small dents, giving them an old-fashioned look.

All brass window handles are fitted with a 7x7mm square spindle and the mounting points are 43mm apart.