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Bold smart cylinder SX33 - SKG3 approved - safe and easy

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Description From now on, open your door without keys. Easy and safe
Article code: 100014
This Electronic cylinder is suitable for (almost) every door. For both permanent access and temporary access.
This makes it ideal for office spaces and student residences. Everyone can enter the central entrance door, followed by the separate office / apartments where you can grant specific access to everyone.
But this smart cylinder is also ideal for:
  • rental properties
  • BnB guests
  • family & friends
  • home care
  • maintenance personnel
  • wherever flexible access is required

Please note: Bold does not open or close the cylinder itself. You have to do this yourself. So when you leave your home you must first push the button on the inside and then turn the button from the outside so that the cylinder closes.


Suitable for

The Bold fits all doors with an inner size of 30 to 35 mm. The outer size can be extended from 30mm to 45mm using the supplied extension pieces. The distance from the center of the cylinder to the inside of the door to the door jamb must not be less than 30 mm.
Below you can see for which sizes this BOLD cylinder SX-33 is suitable.
The BOLD cylinder is suitable for any door thickness. Below you can see an overview of which BOLD cylinder you need for your door thickness.
A = the inside and B = the outside. It is best to measure from the screw hole in the center of your cylinder to each outside.

SKG *** Quality mark

The Bold Smart Cylinder SX is certified by SKG with 3 stars. This gives the product the most feasible burglar resistant classification.
Because the Bold Smart Cylinder can also be used in combination with anti-core pulling fittings, you don't give burglars a chance.

Auto Activation Bold smart lock (Beta)

This Bold now also has Auto activation, this is perhaps the best function. This means that you no longer have to open your smartphone and Bold app when you walk towards the door.
The car assets works once when you have been more than 200 meters from your door for some time. So it does not work if you have been with the neighbors for a while, then you will have to open the app.
Auto-activation is adjustable per lock. The auto-activation only opens the cylinder, you have to open the door yourself.
In addition to Auto-activation, you can also set that you receive a notification when you are near the lock by means of a push message with which you can unlock the door without opening the app.
The auto-activation is still under development and will be continuously improved.
Requirements for Auto activation:
  • set location lock in the app
  • location always actively allow in smartphone
  • preferably turn on WiFi for reliable position determination
  • no task killers or other apps that drain memory.

End-to-End Encryption

All communication between the lock and the Bold servers is encrypted in the same way as the most recent online banking software. For example, the Bold Smart Cylinder is not vulnerable to eavesdropping on the wireless signals, hacking the smartphone or other manipulation of communication.
Backup PIN
The Bold Smart Cylinder is completely keyless, even if you forget your smartphone or if its battery is empty. In that case you can always open the door with a backup pin code. You generate this code yourself in the Bold app and enter it by turning the outside knob.

Battery Life of 2 years

The Bold Smart Cylinder is simple to install without wiring. By applying new techniques with low power consumption, the battery will last for at least 2 years. Even with intensive use of 25 activations per day. The lifespan is therefore many times longer than with motorized smart locks.

Package contents

  • 1x Smart Euro Profile Button cylinder
  • 1x Battery (+ - 2 years)
  • 3x Length Adapters for outside
  • Installation Tools


Would you like to open your BOLD cylinder remotely? Then there is now the BOLD connect (see related products). This is a bridge with which you can open your door remotely anytime, anywhere.

Please note : the BOLD does not close itself automatically. The person you let in from a distance must therefore close the cylinder back.

He / she does this by pressing the button on the inside, pulling the door behind him and then turning the dial.

Or must your door be equipped with a fixed knob so that the crank hole is not operated.

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